Investment gives The Pier a new lease of life!


Easter 2016 saw the return of our new and refurbishes kiosks at the front of the pier. Mr Adam Williams has invested a whopping £200,000 in the big refurbishment where our units where taken to Tir Prince to have the work done. We now have Judy’s Traditional Sweet shop that is twice as big as the previous Rock Shop with a lot more to Offer from Traditional Llandudno Pier Rock to Fish and Chip flavour rock you can even get Llandudno Pier edible Seagull Poo. We also have plans to reinstate the classic Pick & Mix back to the pier and a selection of cut Fudge. This new improved shop offers you Tradition and more.

As well as the improvements to the Rock shop our ice- cream unit went under a make over and we now offer thick American style milk shakes as well as a selection of your favourite  ice- cream and the traditional whippy ice-cream now with sauce on top.

Our Pier Grill saw a massive change it is now twice as big with a lot more to offer. We now offer a fast favourite Bacon Cheese burger as well as Bacon sandwiches.

2016 will see the first ever month long Christmas Market on Llandudno Pier. Dates to be confirmed

If you are interested in having a stall for our Christmas market please contact us.